Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 16: What's your biggest accomplishment?

The intellectual part of me says completing graduate school. At one time, that was my biggest accomplishment.  I worked hard for two years completing prerequisites to get into my top choice program and worked my butt off for two years in grad school.  My heart says this isn't my biggest accomplishment.

My biggest accomplishment is sound asleep next to me. She's approximately 15 pounds,  a little over 2 feet tall, and is almost 8 months old. My daughter is my biggest accomplishment. Surviving pregnancy and childbirth is my biggest accomplishment.

I was incredibly sick for the first 24-26 weeks of my pregnancy.  There were times I couldn't even keep water down. I was put on modified bed rest at 30 weeks because of back spasms and contractions.  By 34 weeks I wasn't supposed to be more than an hour from the hospital.

Contractions started and stopped many times before my due date. My due date came and went. My doctor decided to induce 8 days after my due date. My labor and delivery didn't go as planned.  It ended with 10 additional people in the delivery room trying to help get Emma out in time as her heart rate kept dropping. The NICU team was waiting in the corner to examine her as soon as she was delivered.  Somehow, with all our complications,  she was perfect. 

The fact that we survived,  and by we I mean my entire family, and that we continue to survive each new medical battle is my greatest accomplishment. 

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