Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pepper Skye Bandana Bib Review & Giveaway

I am very excited to have partnered with Pepper Skye for my blog’s first review and giveaway. Pepper Skye is a company that I am proud to have been able to learn more about and look forward to working with in the future. Their products are handmade, made in the USA, and every website sale generates a donation to UNICEF.

I received the Pink Flowers bandana bib to review. When it first arrived, I was surprised by the quality of the material and how well made it was. I’ve seen some rather sloppy handmade products recently, so I honestly wasn’t expecting much. The front has light pink flowers on a dark pink background. The back is a light pink fleece with a pink, plastic snap to fasten. The single snap makes it a breeze to take on and off.

The bandana bibs are designed for fashion and function. They are meant for catching drool and other messiness that little ones get into during the day, but are not mealtime bibs. I’ll be honest that I didn’t take the bib off when I bottle fed Emma, so it did a great job at catching the spittle and excess milk. I did take it off or cover it for solid foods though. Emma has been battling a horrible cold and she has had a runny nose for a couple of weeks. She hates tissues and doesn’t really like cloth wipes being used to wipe her nose. I tried the bandana bib and it worked great. No screaming! Anything without screaming is a success.

Pepper Skye offers a variety of products including blankets, afghan knits, diaper wallets, doo rags, and pacifier clips.

Things I love about the bib:
Everything! Seriously, it’s a great product. It’s super soft, so Emma loves petting it, rubbing her hands on it and chewing on it. It washes really easily. Just throw it in the washer with either clothes or blankets and it’s ready to go. Emma is a sensory child. She has textures she loves and others she hates. We have had many articles of clothing and blankets that we have given away or sold because she would scream when they touched her skin. She loves this bib. She touches it and rubs it whenever she’s wearing it. When her gums hurt she chews on it. If she’s not wearing it, she’s carrying it around as a mini blanket.

Things I wasn’t so happy about: Nothing. I really like the product and I don’t think it needs to be changed in any way. Some people may prefer that it could also be used for mealtime, but then you have to change the bib a few times a day. I much prefer the plastic mealtime bibs so I can just rinse them off in the sink after meals and let them dry.

A few shots of the bib in use. Please ignore the watery eyes, allergies are horrible right now.

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Pepper Skye has graciously agreed to sponsor our first giveaway. The giveaway runs from April 1st through 7th. The winner will be announced after the entry is verified. I’ve been hinting around on my facebook page about the giveaway, are you ready to find out what you’ll win?

That’s right $25 store credit! Who is ready to go on a shopping spree? Enter, share and shop! It’s that easy.

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  1. I like the monkey fun, or the i love daddy/mommy one for the boy. Hmm the choices!

    1. I would buy a blanket, not sure whether it would be an afghan or a braided crib blanket. Obviously the $25 credit would only go against a portion of either of those. But I'm sure they are well worth the money! They look fantastic.

  2. Brown Jax is really pretty - thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I likr dino fun. It would go perfeftly with baby's fiest birthday theme