Monday, April 15, 2013

Grocery Bootcamp Week 3: Learn to make a grocery list my way

I don't plan a menu for the week and then make a list of things I need. Instead, I look at my inventory and the minimums I like to keep in the house and make my list to fill in my minimums. For meat and produce, I decide how many meals I will be making at home and list that. Then when I go to the store, i buy meat and produce that meets my rules requirements to fulfill those needs. It's tough at first, but you get used to shopping that way. After I buy all my list items, I figure out how much money I have left in my grocery budget (remember our overall goal is to get to $25 a week per person) and buy items that we use regularly that are on sale to help fill my pantry and freezer.

Good luck and have fun! Feel free to ask me questions, either her or on our facebook fan page.

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