Friday, June 7, 2013

Creating Traditions - Sunday Naps with Daddy

One of my favorite parts about Sunday is watching Robert and Emma nap on the couch together. Emma took her first Sunday afternoon nap on her daddy in the hospital when she was 1 day old. She's done it every Sunday since. I don't think Robert realizes that they have this tradition. I guess when he reads this post he will.

I think it's important that they create their own traditions that I'm not a part of because each parent has a unique role in raising a child. I'm her primary caregiver. She spends most of her time with me and at times I joke that she's my best friend because I see so much of her in comparison to anyone else. I know that when she looks back on her childhood experiences, she will see me there, but I want to make sure that she sees her daddy too. He works hard so I can stay home and be with her and he misses out on the day to day things that I take for granted. Sunday nap time is one of their traditions and I love watching them.

It's adorable to watch her curl up on his lap or rest her head on his chest and settle in for a nap. I take a picture of it almost every Sunday. It's fun to watch how much she has grown through these photos. Sometimes I'm tempted to curl up next to them and nap too, but I refrain because this is their time and I'm happy to just be the onlooker.

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