Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thrifty Home Improvement - Part 1

Thrifty Thursday is usually devoted to saving money on groceries.  This week & next week I'm writing about saving money on home improvement.

This week is about knowing your limits. It's one thing to paint your own home. It's another to rewire your home or mess with your plumbing. If you're not trained in electrical or plumbing, use caution with DIY projects and consider hiring help.

We recently replaced our guest bathroom toilet, installed a diaper sprayer and replaced our shower head. We hired a plumber to install the toilet and asked him about the other two projects. Since he was already here and they didn't take much time, he just did it for us at no additional cost. Awesome!

There's often a minimum time charged for maintenance jobs so even if your project takes less time you're charged the full amount, so be sure to use your time. Plan for all your plumbing and electrical projects to be done at once. This way you only pay for one service call.

Next week I'll be talking about saving money on windows and exterior paint.

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