Friday, September 14, 2012

Cloth Diaper Introduction

Why Cloth? Why this Blog?

Why Cloth?

I decided on cloth for many reasons. First, I wanted to save money. Second, I didn't want to add to landfills. Seriously, parents/caregivers spend thousands of dollars on trash every year.

Why This Blog?

When I started research cloth and asking questions, people thought I was crazy for even thinking about cloth. I was so confused and so overwhelmed. After months of research, I decide cloth was the way to go. I also decided that after I wasn't completely overwhelmed being a new mom, I would start a blog walking people through cloth one step at a time.

Basically, I have a few months of research and a little first hand experience under my belt and I'm bringing you on this adventure with me.

My Promise to You.

I will post a couple times a month and walk you through my cloth diaper journey. I will post pictures of different types of diapers, accessories and other CD related products. I will give you an honest review of products based on my personal experience. I will answer questions when I can and I'll be truthful when I don't know the answer, but will hopefully be able to point you in the right direction.

My next step.

My next post will give you an overview of the types of diapers available and the basic items you will need to get started.

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