Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Rules for Stretching Your Budget

The Rules Here are the basic rules for stretching your budget. 1. Your budget goal is $25 a week per person. If you cook for 1 or even 2, it will take you some time stocking up to get here. You might find it easier to shop every other week instead of weekly so you have a little more money to work with. If you do this, leave some money for fresh produce every week. 2. Spending limits: Only buy produce that is $1 per pound or less. Only buy meat that is $2 per pound or less. 3. Buy produce that's in season. Why? It's cheaper and tastes better. 4. Shop with a list, but be prepared to be flexible. If there's an amazing sale on something you eat regularly, buy that instead and take something else off your list. 5. Remember your coupons. Only cut coupons for things you eat regularly. When you have a coupon, put a star next to the item on your list so you remember to use the coupon & get the right item(s). 6. Take advantage of produce stands and farmer's markets. You can often, but not always, get amazing produce for a great price.

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