Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Challenge day 22: what do you do when you're home alone?

Home alone? What's that?

I think the last time I was home alone was a weekday.  Robert was at work and Emma was at grandma and grandpa's.  I spent the day in bed sleeping because I was sick.

The time before that Emma was at grandma and grandpa's so I could sleep. She had been up for 17 hours straight and I had been up for 21 hours. She was having a horrible reflux episode and would only sleep when she was held. I was so exhausted I could hardly walk. Thankfully Robert's parents live close and offered to take her.

The last time I was home alone and didn't use the time to sleep was a few days before Christmas.  We were hosting Christmas so Emma spent 3 hours with grandma while I cleaned, decorated and planned/prepped food.

If I could plan my perfect day home alone, I'd plan my LA Sunday. When I lived in LA, I had great Sundays to relax. I spent Saturdays catching up on paperwork,  washing laundry,  and cleaning my apartment.  Sundays were stress free. I'd throw dinner in the crockpot before going to church. I'd come home and change into comfy clothes and spend the afternoon watching movies, reading books for fun, or lounging by the pool.  I don't miss much about LA, but I do miss the pool at my apartment and my lazy Sundays.

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