Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 7: What's Your Dream Job?

When I was in elementary school, my dream was to be a pediatrician. In Jr. High and High School I went back and forth between being a therapist and an orthopedic surgeon.  In college I majored in psychology and then for two semesters changed my major to English thinking I'd become an English teacher. I graduated with my degree in Psychology, but wasn't ready for grad school so I worked for a few years then went to grad school for speech pathology.

The craziest part is, while I switched majors and career objectives multiple times, all I really wanted to do was be a stay at home mom. I'm so lucky that I now get to spend my days taking care of my family.

I'd love to make some extra money with a small business/hobby business just so we have some fun money or to get medical bills paid off sooner, but now I'm living my dream job taking care of my family.    

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